4D Cityscape Puzzle

4D Cityscape Puzzle


Discover the evolution of a city with a 3D puzzle that adds the 4th dimension of time. The award winning puzzles are designed in 3 layers.  The first 2 layers form a geographical map of the city.  The 3rd layer corresponds to a time poster.  As you work your way through the puzzle, you place each building in chronological order as if history is happening before your eyes!   A fun way to explore historic buildings and their architectural style as you learn how a city develops and evolves.  Perfect for group play, it is educational and makes for a great gift.


Sets: Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, London, Chicago, Las Vegas, Toronto, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, USA, Sydney, San Francisco, Rome, Macau, Los Angeles.


Hong Kong: The base of the puzzle is a 3D jigsaw puzzle that forms mountains, islands and winding streets.  While constructing the base map, you will discovery the city´s ports, neighbourhoods, parks and overall topography.  The 4th dimension recreates the famous Hong Kong skyline in 3D using scale-model buildings.  Time unfolds as you learn about 98 years of Hong Kong’s architectural history (1912 – 2010).  A great way to discover Hong Kong before you visit or a wonderful way to remember it.


Origin: USA