Designworks Journals

Designworks Journals


Born out of Nashville, Tennessee’s thriving creative community, DESIGNWORKS INK has developed stationery products that speak to the personality of each writer – whether that means bold and beautiful, or subtle and utilitarian.  Printed with soy ink on acid-free paper that is hand sewn with a lay-flat binding, these products are for writers of notes, letters and stories as well as people who love great design, attention to detail, and exceptional quality.  These journals will inspire you to start a diary, record your travels, annotate your everyday life or document your ultimate secrets.


Keeping a journal empowers us to release our emotions and write down exactly how we feel.  This gives you a private perspective of yourself as you tap into a deeper sense of self discovery.  Writing our inner most thoughts can feel like therapy and can lead to a better sense of well-being.  Some people may just want to jot down goals and keep track of their progress.  Others may want to document their travel and write about all of the interesting places they have discovered while these memories are fresh.  All of these acts of writing allow us to create a personal history that we can look back and be reminded of how far we have come.  Even more so, it may highlight the things we have yet to accomplish and be the motivation to get us there.


Collection: Medium Classic Journal/ Iridescent “Super Bien”, Eggplant Book Cloth/ Starburst “Ta-Da”, Standard Issue Notebook Blue/Black.


Origin: USA