Dig It Up!

Dig It Up!


Kids have to think like a paleontologist and a geologist when they play with their Dig it Up! Kits.  They will experience the thrill of discovery as they excavate a unique specimen from within each egg or stone.  Using tools supplied, they chisel away to reveal a mini dinosaur or bug replica or an authentic mineral or fossil.  Each kit comes with a dozen different surprises waiting to be unearthed along with 12 chiseling tools, instructions and a guidebook for learning more about their discoveries.  These kits are a perfect activity for groups or parties!


Big Dig Dino Model: T-Rex includes pamphlet, fossil bock, hammer, flat and point chisel, brush, sponge. Once excavation is complete, you are ready to assemble and reassemble a complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.


Others kits: Dig It Up! Dinosaur Eggs, Dig It Up! Discovery Kit.

Origin: USA