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Gardens – Barebones




Dig deep and uncover your creative roots through gardening.  Tend to your garden with beautiful tools made by Barebones.  Made of durable stainless steel and ergonomically designed bamboo handles, the kit is the perfect gift for the novice gardener to the most experienced. The tools are packaged in a handmade pine crate which can be repurposed as a garden container, a gift or a box for safe keeping.


Planting seeds and harvesting the vegetables & herbs that we grow teaches us patience, humility and connects us with nature.  With our hands in the dirt and head in the sun, gardening can feed our souls.


Barebones is a purpose – driven organization and it leverages their product, profits, expertise, and experience to do good in meaningful and impactful ways.  The founder, Robert Workman, first designed and developed products to support his global humanitarian efforts and passion to help people provide for their own basic needs. Today, the organization supports farmers in the Bwe Village of Africa, earthquake victims in Nepal & low income and elderly communities in Utah.  Barebones is focused on long-term, sustainable solutions that enable underprivileged and communities in need to become self sufficient.



The Classic gardener includes 1 Spade, 1 Cultivator and 1 Square Hoe.

Perennial gardener includes I Small Scissor, 1 Cultivator, 1Hori Hori and 1 Pruner.


Origin: USA