Grandmasters Collection

Grandmasters Collection


Professor Puzzle has developed a series of mind boggling 3D wooden puzzles based on Chinese history.  Patience and precision are required as you try and solve these brain teasers that are based on strategies developed by Chinese emperors & scholars.  These beautiful structures will look great as a paperweight on your desk or coffee table.  A great break from work or study – a thoughtful gift for everyone in your life.



Dragon´s Tale Puzzle is made of 25 wooden pieces that need to be untangled to form a dragon´s tail and then transformed into a cube. Dragon symbolizes strength, bravery and good fortune in Chinese history.

Emperor´s Lock the logically illogical puzzle that requires a great amount of finger dexterity. Inspired by the tomb of the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, which was designed with locking mechanisms designed to trap anybody who tried to break into the tomb.

Sword of Nine Seals is based the legend of the Chinese general Huang Ming.  He is said to have created a puzzle based on a loop to keep his wife busy while he was at war.  Patience and persistence is required as you try to remove the sword loop from all nine rings.

Luban Lock was created by Luban, a Chinese inventor, in order to measure his son’s intelligence. Fortunately, the son solved the mystery and put all pieces together.

Yuan Solitaire requires the player to remove all the balls from the board, leaving one in the middle. The circle symbolizes eternity in Chinese culture.


Origin: UK