Ladybird Books
for Grown Ups

Ladybird Books
for Grown Ups


When the iconic British book brand Ladybird turned 100, it launched a series of books just for adults.  Reading glasses can be set aside as these mini books are printed with large script.  Set in the style of a 1940s reading book for children, the frequent repetition of carefully chosen words are reminiscent of the original Ladybird books that were written for early readers of the English language.  Brilliant witticism and irreverent observations are paired with original Ladybird artwork enabling grown-ups to understand the world around them.

Excerpts from, The Hipster: 

“This is a hipster.
He likes art, porridge, scarves, and anything reclaimed from French factories . . .
Hipsters like to collect old things that are unfashionable because that makes them fashionable.”

Titles include: 

How it works:  The Wife, The Husband, The Mum, The Dad, The Student, The Dog, The Hipster
The Ladybird book of the:  Midlife Crisis, Dating, the Hangover, the Shed, Mindfulness

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Origin: UK