Langford Canoe

Langford Canoe




For close to 80 Years the Langford name has stood for quality.  Since 1940 Langford has been designing and handcrafting Cedar Canvas Canoes.  Langford’s Master builders have eight decades of canoe design and building experience which is the reason why Langford’s handcrafted canoes are unrivalled when it comes to ease of use, safety, durability & longevity.  Advances in technology cannot replace the human skills essential to handcrafting a canoe.


Langford’s canoes are world renowned having been refined to a point of perfection, each canoe undergoes more than 80 quality control checks to confirm the highest quality materials and workmanship. Once approved the bronze Langford beaver emblem affixed to the bow of every Langford Classic Cedar Canoe serves as it’s the seal of quality.  From heads of state, members of the Hollywood A-list, to cottagers and weekend warriors their products are sought after by enthusiasts and connoisseurs the world over.


At Get the Goods, we have the Trapper 14’ hanging above our bookshelves.  It is a classic lightweight tandem canoe suited for two adults.  The classic cedar body is finished with mahogany gunwales, mahogany bow and stern decks with rawhide seats.  The traditional lines of this canoe take the paddler back to the simple origins of canoeing. It’s perfect for the weekend trip and its small size and good looks also make it an ideal canoe to display.  It is the ultimate conversation piece whether you are on a lake or it is hanging in your home.


Langford also makes 5’ & 9’ hanging display canoes which are a wonderful accent to a home, office or cottage.  Canoes bring back memories and emotions of summers spent with family and friends.


Origin: Ontario, Canada