Curated Collection of Books - Laugh Out Loud

Curated Collection of Books – Laugh Out Loud


A short list of books that will make you laugh about life. Humour that is written with the right amount of wit, satire and brutal honesty that will keep you entertained from cover to cover. These are the perfect books that you can bury yourself in on a cold snowy night, a rainy spring day or while lounging in the shade on a beach vacation.

It’s the kind of humour that a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist can articulate about a bachelor party weekend. Or a collection of essays by an American humorist who can describe his attempt to live in France without speaking the French language and his frustrating attempts to learn it. Or a semi-autobiographical novel about an adolescent who leads a seemingly normal life until his parents separate, his mother second guesses her sexuality and he is sent to live with his mother’s psychiatrist who believes that children of all ages should do as they please including smoking cannabis, having sex and rebelling against authority. Or an autobiographical cartoonist who recounts the thoughts and musings in her head that we are often too timid to let out in public in a hilarious style that unveils some real truths about human nature that we might only share with dogs.

One of our best sellers (which also happens to be a NYT bestseller) is Paddle Your Own Canoe by Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman. A mix of amusing anecdotes (about manliness and moustaches), opinionated lessons and rants (about love, style & woodworking) this book might inspire you to put down your smartphone, study a few sycamore leaves, and maybe even hand craft (and paddle) your own canoe.

It’s our shortlist and we promise, you will laugh out loud.