Louise Loubatieres

Louise Loubatieres


Born and raised in London of Franco-Vietnamese heritage, Louise Loubatieres received a BA in Textiles at Chelsea College of Art, followed by an MA in Menswear Fashion at the prestigious Royal College of Art.   Louise worked in the fashion industry for several years before moving to Siem Reap, Cambodia to start her own business.  Her boutique was born out of a love of beautiful things, a passion for travel and a desire to mix the old with the new, using traditional local craft methods and applying them to a modern design aesthetic.


We worked with Louise to curate a collection of hand-woven silk necklaces made in rural Cambodian villages.  The beautiful colors represent the natural elements of the Sea to Sky corridor at different elevations.  These necklaces are a sophisticated souvenir that will bring back the memories of time spent in Whistler.


The Alpine

The grey, black, white collection represents the alpine in the winter, when we are at the peak of Whistler searching for the perfect line.  The black & grey represents the rugged mountain landscape and the white represents the powder like snow…the “goods”.


The Forest

The dark green, moss green and brown/black collection are the colors of the forest in the summer when we are hiking in Whistler.  The dark green represents the pine trees, the moss green represents the forest floor and the brown/black represents the bark of old growth trees.


The Sea

The blue hues and white collection is the color of the magnificent Pacific Ocean and Howe Sound that accompanies us along the Sea to Sky corridor.  Whether it is a clear sunny day or a misty morning, the water presents us with every hue of blue. The white represents the light that shimmers on the surface.


Origin: Siem Reap, Cambodia