General: The makers of this D.I.Y. construction kit have used laser-cutting technology to create highly detailed shapes from real Baltic Birch wood. The wood pieces have a great tactile feel and can be easily joined together with household glue.  Each kit allows the maker to create a seemingly complicated structure out of simple parts.  These simple parts form sub assemblies and the sub assemblies come together to create an amazing working machine that you can be proud of and show off to your friends!  Join the community of “Tinkineers” as you explore some basic physics and engineering.

We feature Marbleocity Dragon Coaster that can be combined with Marbleocity Skate Park (both in standard and mini versions).


Examples: Skate park, Mini Skate park, Dragon Coaster, Mini Dragon Coaster


Sets:  (also pictures):

Dragon coaster: Easy to follow illustrated instructions, introduce you to the physics of a roller coaster. After construction, you can send marbles, one by one, on the path around curves, through a tunnel, & dropping through the switch until they are back at the beginning again.

Skate Park: The kit features a half pipe, a big jump, a handrail track and zig-zag stairs. You will learn about two basic physics concepts – projectile motion and centripetal force.

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math


Origin: USA