Monocle Travel Guides

Monocle Travel Guides


Fuel your inner wanderlust. Monocle, the media brand that is a small empire in the world of publishing and broadcast, has created the ultimate travel guides that will make you feel like an experienced local. The books are slim (148 pages) but are filled with striking colour photographs and illustrations from Monocle’s extensive network of photographers and illustrators. With over 30 dedicated correspondents around the globe, these guides contain the info on the hidden gems that are elusive to only those in the know. Where would you take an ambassador to breakfast, an art collector for a coffee, a jet-setting businessman for a late night craft cocktail? A deep understanding of each city contained in a beautiful book that only the Monocle design team can deliver.

The guides are organized by interests (food, shopping, cultural attractions) rather than by neighbourhoods. The restaurants and other attractions that they recommend aren’t necessarily the biggest names on the scene, but more the kinds of quality places a local would want to frequent. You will find yourself in a local corner bar being served by a knowledgeable waiter who understands his craft – not in the latest, trendiest, soulless bar that opened last month. You will get a real feel for the city even if you only have a few days as it playfully mixes the classic with contemporary and the well-known landmarks with the quirkiest places of interest.

Unlike other travel guides, Monocle is focused exclusively on print, not digital. Filled with thoughtfully written essays about the city, discourses on architecture and urban design as well as curated walking tours that will bring you to the most interesting neighbourhoods, this is the kind of book you will not be giving away after your travels.


Origin: UK