Derived from the Japanese words ORI (“folding”) and KAMI (“paper”), origami is the art of paper-folding.  Traditional origami consists of folding a single square sheet of paper into a sculpture.  Precise folds and symmetry result in a 3D sculpture without measuring, cutting, taping & marking.


You can create thousands of different sculptures with a single sheet of paper: airplanes, boats, animals, flowers, boxes, people, ninja stars…the options are endless.  At Get the Goods we have hundreds of colourful origami papers for you to choose from. We even have instruction booklets and origami kits which will teach you the different ways to fold paper into the most beautiful sculptures.  The more time you spend folding, the more complicated the sculpture you can create.


One of the most recognized origami designs is the Japanese Crane or Orizuru.  The crane is a mystical creature in Japanese culture and it is believed to live for 1,000 years.  As a result, the crane represents good fortune & longevity.  It is believed that anyone who folds 1,000 cranes will have their wishes come true.  Thus 1,000 cranes (Senbazuru in Japanese) has become a symbol of hope and healing in times of struggle.  The cranes are usually strung together as 40 cranes on 25 strings and presented as gifts.  It is a way for loved ones to show support for someone who may be facing hardship.


If you visit Get the Goods, you will find our vase of Orizuru.  Our Founder’s mother taught her grandchildren this tradition and those cranes are the ones that they created together.


Origin: Japan