Paint Your Own Porcelain

Paint Your Own Porcelain


Paint Your Own Porcelain projects are one-of-a-kind art that is both fun and functional.  Kids can paint and oven bake their creations for a glossy finished product.  Children can give pottery a personal touch by color-mixing and creating their own designs and patterns.  Paint Your Own Porcelain comes with paints and a brush for ease of execution.


Encourage a child to create a special piece of artwork that they can display with pride.  Better yet, they can create a unique and personal gift for a loved one.   There would be nothing better than a photo taken with family and placed in a Paint Your Own Porcelain Picture Frame.  There are so many possibilities to create something bespoke and special at a very young age!


Sets: Vases, Bowls, Tea set, Plates, Flowers Pots, Picture Frame

Origin: USA