Palomar Maps

Palomar Maps


Palomar Maps allow you to trace your personal travel history and mark the places that you have been with pins that signify “I was here”… PinWorld is a world wall map printed on a flexible felt panel. The continents, including the cities with over 1 million inhabitants, offer a unique and exciting view of the world that you have traveled.  The PinWorld XL is printed on three flexible felt panels which can be easily combined, choosing to place the centre of the world in Europe, in the Americas or in the Pacific area. These maps are ideal to display at home or in the office and will surely spark conversations about travel, cities, memories and unbelievable experiences.


Here, is a personal globe at you can use to mark your travels.  At first Here looks 2D, like an atlas but in a few seconds it turns into a 3D globe. The graphics enhance the paper’s preciousness, tactile quality and texture. Here stands up on its own, it is very light and can be placed anywhere, on a table or bookcase but also on the floor. Here comes in 2 versions:  Here by Countries (in black) & Here by Cities (in grey).  Here by Me is a version of the globe in which you leave your trace by coloring in the country.  The gesture of coloring is relaxing & contemplative.  Leaving your trace on the globe rekindles memories that you experienced and instills a strong desire to go and explore other countries.

Palomar is a design company founded in Florence, Italy in 2001 by Fabio Palchetti and Cristina Cencett.  The company’s name is a tribute to the writer Italo Calvino and his novel Mr. Palomar.


“The earliest need to set places on a map was linked to travel: it was a reminder of the succession of stops, the outline of a journey. “ – Italo Calvino


Each year, Palomar has introduced design centric products that encourage us all to “Get Out There” and explore.  At Get the Goods, we also carry their Crumpled Cities range and streamlined bike accessories that only an Italian design house can create and execute.  Come visit us and we can tell you more about them.


Origin: Florence, Italy