Palomar Travel History

Palomar Travel History


Transparent World is a travel map diary designed to help you create your own individual story of the cities you explore, love and live in.

It comes with a unique feature, a set of mobile transparent sticky sheets and dots on which notes, itineraries and memories may be recorded with pencils, pens, markers.

The map of the city (or the world) is designed as a background where our travels can be narrated and sketched. The transparent sheets may be applied anywhere on the map and with a pen or pencil we can record the places that we visited and the things that we did, the people we encountered, the food that we ate.  By enriching this personal travel diary with our sketches and drawings, we will remember this point in time forever.

Transparent World: A global view of your travels

Transparent City: Trace your footsteps in Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, New York


Origin: Italy