Perpetua Pencil

Perpetua Pencil


No tree has been cut down to make a Perpetua pencil.  Perpetua is the first writing object made from Zantech®, an innovative, high-tech material made of 80% recycled graphite.  The graphite is not protected by the usual wooden case but is combined with a licensed chemical compound, Zantech®, which prevents fragility and creates a protective layer that doesn’t make hands dirty.  Perpetua does not break when dropped, and keeps writing even if broken in two and without a tip.  When broken in two, Perpetua can still be used: now you have two smaller Perpetuas.  A unique object, a veritable revolution in writing completely “Made in Italy”.  Perpetua is versatile, clean, non-toxic, sharpenable, shock resistant, and able to write even without the tip, fitted with a food grade eraser available in ten different colors.


In June 2016, Perpetua the pencil received an Honorary Mention for ADI Compasso d’Oro Award 2016, the prize of excellence, which rewards beauty as well as research, functional design and creativity for a better future.


In February 2015: Perpetua was nominated in the Green Innovation category at the 2014 Best of Year Awards in NYC, organized by Interior Design Magazine and dedicated to the best design projects worldwide.


We love how these pencils have a story to their creation and the designers are passionate about respecting the planet.  They developed an  eco-sustainable method to create a pencil, where no tree has been cut down to produce it.


The eraser colours:  yellow, orange, red, fuchsia, light blue, dark blue, dark green, lime green, white and black.


Origin: Italy