Playful Chef

Playful Chef


Make lifelong memories in the kitchen.


If you want your kids to appreciate good food and form healthy, lifelong eating habits, you have to start them early. Playful Chef teaches children, and the adults who love them, how to roll up their sleeves and engage in fun cooking adventures together.


Playful Chef has designed cooking kits for kids ages 4-12 that tap into your child’s eagerness to help in the kitchen at an early age. Each kit comes with nutritional information, tools of the trade, and fun food facts you will need to get your little one cooking!


Playful Chef was founded in 2005 in San Francisco, CA by Lisa Ligon, a former high tech sales executive who decided that pursuing the mission of Playful Chef was much more exciting than selling semiconductors. The idea for developing kid’s cooking kits that incorporate life learning lessons came from teaching culinary education classes as a volunteer to 100+ students.


Playful Chef’s mission is to provide an integrated educational culinary experience that supports parent’s aspirations to teach their kids invaluable cooking skills and healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime!


A fantastic gift for the young budding culinary star!


Selection: Chocolate Studio, Baking Kit, Cooking Kit

Origin: USA