Purling Chess

Purling Chess


“Chess is a war over a board.  The object is to crush the opponents mind” – Bobby Fisher, one of the greatest chess players of all time.


The art of war can be beautiful.  Purling London crafts contemporary wooden chess sets that are truly one of a kind. Each chess piece is hand-carved, heavily weighted and finished with leather felts.  The board is made of maple wood which is either boldly stained in black and grey or lightly stained to allow the natural beauty of the wood shine through.  The simplicity and elegance of Purling’s chess sets lend themselves as accessories to the interiors of designer homes.  Purling London also creates beautiful checkers sets, dartboards, darts and silver lined playing cards.  Raise the level of play in your household or give the most amazing housewarming gift to your friends.


Bold sets have glossy lacquered boxwood pieces in red, gold or black. A modern take on traditional but timeless beauty.

Heritage set is a purist’s choice of two contrasting pieces. Ebony versus plain boxwood where the natural grain of the wood can be enjoyed.

Sets: Bold Chess Classic Red versus Shadow Black (Grey board and Maple wood board), Bold Chess Metallic Gold versus Gloss Black (Grey board), Heritage Chess Ebony versus Boxwood (Maple wood board).


Origin: UK