Portmanteau Speakers

Portmanteau Speakers


Portmanteau Stereo Co; a lifestyle brand that strives for unique design with custom sound, specializing in handmade stereos with reclaimed BC wood and refurbished vintage suitcases.  They are best known for their portable blue-tooth speaker – The Rockit Log.

Rockit Logs are created from acoustic quality wood once abandoned by logging operations, then re-purposed into handcrafted works of visual and audio art.  Western Cedar, Fir and Hemlock soft tone woods are used to create a sound profile unlike anything you’ve heard before. These same woods are used in guitars and violins to deliver full acoustic profiles that provide warmth and amplify quieter tones.

Rockit Logs were designed with powerful sound in mind.  While most Bluetooth speakers have a power output of between 1 and 5 watts, Rockit Logs boom at 60 watts of pure audio power.  Rockit Logs don’t require any setup and can be paired with any Bluetooth compatible device or connected through an AUX cord for home audio systems.

With advanced lithium battery technology, Rockit Logs boast over 10 hours of battery life at full volume! An accompanying USB port lets you charge your devices so you’ll never go quiet.

Portmanteau Stereo Co, was founded in Vancouver by former Whitecaps Captain Jay DeMerit.  Most people who know of DeMerit know him not as a designer, but as an athlete.  In 2002, he graduated from University of Illinois-Chicago with an industrial design degree, but put his design career on hold to pursue a career in professional sports.  DeMerit found a place on England’s Watford Football Club, a Premier League team at the highest level of English football. He lived and played soccer professionally in London for seven years.  In 2010 he represented the US in the FIFA World Cup before returning to North America to play for the Vancouver Whitecaps in 2011 where he played for 4 years before retiring due to injuries.

We stock a diverse range of Rockit Logs at Get the Goods.  Better yet, visit his  studio in Creekside (across from Get the Goods) where you can see first hand how the various components come together to form the infamous Rockit Log…party on the go…anywhere, anytime.


Origin: Canada