Royal & Langnickel

Royal & Langnickel


Royal & Langnickel creates art brushes, art sets, art materials, craft materials and art activities for anyone who wants to create.  Getting started is less intimidating with their Artist Painting Sets for Beginners – all the essentials you need accompanied by an artist guide.  Learn the basic techniques of Watercolor, Acrylic & Oil.  They also have created a beginner artist set for Sketching & Drawing.  Each set comes in a beautiful wooden case which keeps your essentials organized and easy to transport.  We also stock more advanced sets and portable sets for those who want to create art on the go!


One of our most popular products is the Sketching Made Easy sets which helps improve sketching skills by offering a simple yet effective exercise that beginners will love. This entertaining activity allows beginners to sketch intricate compositions with ease by using the pre-printed outline of the subject as a guide. This set provides all the sketching tools needed to complete the project.  We also stock sophisticated Paint by Number sets for adults. You will not believe what a beginner will be able to accomplish when you try one of these sets.  Ignite the creative fire within.  Your confidence will grow as your painting or drawing comes to life before your eyes.


Since the 1950s, Royal & Langnickel has been helping people around the world to bolster their creativity and enjoy their lives through the exploration of Art.  Come into Get the Goods and get started today!


Origin: USA