Simple Diary

Simple Diary


Created by the Swiss artist and writer Philipp Keel, the Simple Diary is a personal journal that provides a structure for those who need a straightforward tool to record life’s moments.  Each day in the Simple Diary calendar poses a number of multiple choice questions, curious texts and strategic queries that help the dairy holder to assemble a unique portrait of their life. The diary is also filled with entertaining philosophy and original wisdom, making it unlike many other diaries.


Since its release Philipp Keel’s Simple Diary™ has become a bestseller worldwide.  Simple in design and simple in nature, the diary is available in 2 volumes and comes in a variety of colors.   Not all of us are disciplined to write in a journal everyday nor is every day eventful.  Simple Diary’s prompts can be answered in quick & concise prompts which takes the burden of journal writing out of the equation   Keel’s Simple Diary entertains, helps you focus and keeps you company.


Collections: Volumes 1 & 2 in a variety of colors.

Origin: Germany