Table Topics

Table Topics


TableTopics is a set of 135 cards that comes packed in a clear acrylic cube.  Each card has an interesting question to get people talking. These engaging questions inspire the best kinds of conversation – whether over cocktails or at a dinner party. Every host wants their guests to enjoy themselves and allows you to focus on “good food” and not worry about “good conversation”.


In December 2002, Cristy Clarke was on her way to a cocktail party, racking her brain to come up with interesting conversation starters so that she didn’t have to face another night of mindless small talk.  She jotted down a few though provoking questions and tried them out on her fellow party goers. Her experiment was a complete success, and by the following morning she was writing questions to test on her three daughters at their family dinner. The result is TableTopics, a collection of conversation starter sets meant to spark fun, interesting, and meaningful discussions around the dinner table, at parties, on dates, on road trips – wherever!


Some of our favourite thought provoking questions include:

“What will be the best thing about leaving home and what will be the scariest?” – Teen version


“What is the story behind your name?” – Family version


“Which of you is the worst backseat driver” – Couples version

Explore the “gray” areas of life with the What Would You Do?, a deck of provocative questions that will spark a lively debate and reveal a whole new side to your friends and family.

Break the ice!  Grab a TableTopics box and never experience that “awkward” silence ever again!



Tabletop editions: Original, Family, Family Gathering, Dinner Party, Destination Anywhere, Cocktail, Girls Night Out, Do-It-Yourself Therapy, Infomania Family, Infomania Sports

Travel size editions: Kids, Travel, Road Trip, Slumber Party, Can You Imagine, Canada, Family Conversation Pack


Origin: USA