Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards


A handwritten thank you note seems like a relic of a bygone era.  When it is so easy to send a thank you emoji with your phone or type a quick thank you email – there is definitely a lack of motivation to express your gratitude with a handwritten note.


At Get the Goods, we want to preserve the art of the handwritten note and we have some beautiful stationary to help you get started.  We love the boxed sets of Thank You cards from Designworks Ink.  These distinctive cards, made with premium papers, stamped with metallic foil and sold together with luxe lined envelopes will leave a lasting impression. Most people underestimate how positive someone will feel when they receive a handwritten expression of gratitude.  After all, you are thanking someone for a gift that they selected just for you or the act of kindness that they did just for you.


Thank you notes should be personal, specific, succinct, express recognition of the recipient’s generosity and prompt – though it is never too late to send a thank you note.


To help you get started –

Here are some words to describe gifts: awesome, fabulous, perfect, touching, beautiful, much needed, unique, much appreciated, incredible, AMAZING, “exactly what I wanted”.


Here are some words to describe gift givers: generous, considerate, thoughtful, sweet, caring, kind, attentive, creative original, ingenious.


Let someone special know that you took the time, energy, and ink to craft a thoughtful, handwritten message.