W & P Homemade Kits

W & P Homemade Kits


Looking for a fun weekend project?  Why not make something from scratch.  Be creative, use your hands, learn something new and in the future save some money!  Create something today that you can use tomorrow.  Impress your friends when you tell them that the gin that they are drinking is not from a store but made in your kitchen!  Or the hot sauce that you just gifted them is something you made from scratch.  No need to be overly ambitious by trolling the internet for the “how-to” tutorial and then schlepping out to buy all of the ingredients.  We have done it for you.  We carry some of the coolest DIY kits from W&P.


W&P is a Brooklyn based company whose mission is “to create products that inspire your daily interactions with food and drink in ways you never imagined possible.”  Whether it is hot sauce or a popular spirit, you will find hours of enjoyment in creating your very own version of the things that you normally would buy.  Don’t be a consumer…be a producer.



The Homemade Hot Sauce Kit provides everything you need to create two flavourful hot sauces. The kit consists of 4 Glass Hot Sauce Bottles with corks, a Hot Sauce Instruction Card and 2 Chilli Lab Spice Blends. The Forager´s Blend contains chipotle, guajillo and pequin peppers. The Grove Blend contains piri piri, Anaheim and habanero peppers.


The Homemade Gin Kit transforms a bottle of Vodka into your favourite flavoured Gin just in 36 hours from juniper berries and botanical blend. Set contains 2 Bottles with Corks, Botanical Blend and Juniper Berries.


Origin: USA