World of Dots

World of Dots


World of Dots takes the classic dot to dot we played as a child to the next level.  What starts out as a blur of numbers turns into an intricate and detailed picture.  The easiest image starting at 500 dots, the most complex images can have over 1,400 dots!   An engaging way to exercise your left and right brain as you work on skills including counting, sequencing, mapping, concentration and colouring.


Finally an engaging activity that is not digital.  No need to be an artist, you will be creating beautiful images just by following the dots.  A great workbook to take on a vacation or just to have around the house.  Pack this in your carry on bag for long haul flights and skip the movie.  Suitable both for children and adults.


Sets: Extreme Dot to Dot Pets, Animals, Around the World, Holidays, Architecture, Folklore, Cats, Dogs

Origin: USA