Art of Tea

Art of Tea


Sharing a cup of tea is the essence of good hospitality.  It provides nourishment, comfort and instantly slows the pace of our busy lives.  We did a global search to find a tea company that fit our ethos of passion, quality and respect for producers.  We found Art of Tea.


Art of Tea hand blends and custom crafts the world’s finest organic teas and botanicals from their headquarters in Los Angeles, California.  Their teas are carefully selected directly from small farms and co-ops around the world.


In 1996, Steve Schwartz began his extensive studies in preventative medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico where he discovered his talent for blending medicinal teas. Steve’s studies planted the seed that formed the foundation of the Art of Tea.  His quest to learn more about the source of teas and botanicals led him on a journey around the world to visit various tea estates and growers so that he could gain first-hand knowledge.  When he returned 18 months later, he started the Art of Tea in his living room.


Today, Steve is known as a Master Tea Blender and is super passionate about expanding people’s knowledge about the history of tea and the nuances of various tea blends. Through his travels in Asia, India, Africa and the Middle East, Steve and Art of Tea have developed close relationships with farmers and distributors. These personal relationships, a hallmark at Art of Tea, make possible the offering of top tier organic teas and select botanicals while ensuring that both employees and teas are treated with great respect.


We prepare Art of Tea’s line of loose leaf tea to the exact specification (ratio of leaves to water, water temperature & steeping times) at Get the Goods for you to enjoy while you browse through the store.  We also sell loose leaf in canisters, tea bags and other tea accessories so that you can enjoy Art of Tea at home.


Teas: We offer a wide range of Art of Tea’s loose teas including caffeine-free, single origin, green and black teas, blooming tea, herbal tea, and even yerba mate.


Origin: Los Angeles, USA (growers from around the world)