Cavallini Eraser

Cavallini Eraser


Mistakes are proof that you are trying.


In writing, we focus so much of our attention on the writing instrument and the paper.  But the eraser is just as important.  The eraser serves as a reminder that mistakes are part of the process of learning.


At Get the Goods, we have some fun erasers that will be a great addition to your stationary collection:



“#*?@!” (symbols that represent a swear word)


These clever erasers were created by Cavallini & Co. which is based in San Francisco, California. Since 1989,  Cavallini has been producing the highest quality stationery products, drawing inspiration from vintage images and retro fonts.  The typeface on the erasers is similar to that of a vintage typewriter which is ironic as the letters produced on a typewriter cannot be easily erased.


Origin: USA