Lamy Pens

Lamy Pens


The LAMY brand stands for high-quality designer writing instruments defined by their timeless modern aesthetics and perfect functionality.


As an independent family business since 1930 – design, quality and ‘Made in Germany’ are the pillars of Lamy’s product development principles.


Every person has a unique style to their handwriting which can be interpreted as a window into their personality. Today, people write less, type more.  Children no longer learn handwriting and cursive in school.  At Get the Goods, we want to preserve this essential skill and are committed to bringing our customers top quality writing instruments that will encourage everyone to write.


Fountain pens can be complicated and intimidating, but Lamy’s Safari was designed to be approachable.  Simple design in bright pop colors, it was designed to help teach proper handwriting to schoolchildren and is a great “starter” fountain pen.  For their premium range, Lamy has collaborated with some of the greatest product designers of our time.  We have over 10 different styles including the Lamy dialog 3 which is an avant-garde twist action fountain pen designed by Swiss functionalist Franco Clivio.  The ultimate gift for the writer in your life.


Lamy ballpoint pens are universally usable and are characterised by an appealing design and a long lifespan. Regardless of whether you are writing a short memo, making a quick rough draft or signing a document – a Lamy ballpoint pen is always a dependable item to have at your side.


Combining the best of the two classic categories: the Lamy Rollerball pen is as easy to operate like a ballpoint but have a similarly beautiful typeface to the fountain pen.


Be inspired to write.

LAMY safari is one of the best-selling fountain pens in the world. Ergonomic design and sturdy workmanship are tailored to the needs of each writer.

LAMY noto and LAMY pico were awarded for their design and functionality.

LAMY 2000 is a high-quality metal series in stainless steel with the Award in the category ´´Fountain Pen´´.

Lamy Lx and Lamy AL-star are modern and colourful designs.

Our collection: 

Fountain pens: LAMY Al-star, LAMY Lx, LAMY dialog, LAMY vista.

Ballpoint pens: LAMY logo, Lamy 2000, LAMY Lx, Lamy noto, Lamy pico, Lamy studio, Lamy vista.

Rollerball pens: LAMY vista, LAMY Lx, LAMY safari.

Mechanical pencils: LAMY vista, LAMY abc.


Origin: Germany