Rattlestick Razors

Rattlestick Razors


Handcrafted tools from Canada, using traditional techniques and prioritising local and ethically sourced materials. Rattlestick offers unique creations that can be passed from generation to generation, still performing like the first day. No two are the same.


The brushes are made with premium silvertip badger and high mountain white badger hair knots resulting in a luxurious shave – ideal for sensitive skin and beard preparation.


Rattlestick creates premium razors with a variety of blade styles. The razors are excellently balanced, and when combined with a brush give an amazingly smooth and irritation free shave.


We offer a variety of Rattlestick shaving creams and soaps, which are created in-house using carefully selected, natural ingredients to hydrate the skin and help glide the razor over the skin for the perfect shape.


Origin: Canada