Riedel Glassware

Riedel Glassware


Based in Kufstein, Austria, The Riedel Wine Glass Company is a family run business that dates back over 300 years. For eleven generations Riedel has been producing the highest quality mouth blown crystal glasses. Riedel glassware is beautifully crafted with precision and consideration for the different grape varietals. Today the company produces both mouth-blown and machine made glassware.   Though the popularity of Riedel’s machine made glassware has exploded over the past 2 decades, their hand-made, mouth blown crystal glassware can only be found in the most exclusive retailers and fine dining establishments. Get the Goods is proud to be the only stockist in Whistler that carries both the Sommelier line of hand-made glasses but the most extensive range of mouth-blown decanters which are individually designed for the highest functionality, yet can stand alone as an object of art.


Sommeliers is the world’s first grape varietal specific wine glass collection and a design revolution created by Claus J. Riedel (9th generation Riedel family). In 1973, the Riedel brand gained worldwide recognition when Claus launched the Sommeliers line of wine glasses. Claus Riedel was the first person in the history of glass making to take into consideration the shape of the glass as it affects the taste, smell, character, aftertaste and overall experience of drinking specific wine varietals. He perfected the glass design to its essence: bowl, stem and base. Thin-blown and unadorned, it adheres to the Bauhaus design principle of form follows function.


Decanting a red wine serves two purposes: to separate a wine from any sediment that may have formed but more importantly to aerate the wine to release the bouquet and to smooth out the taste of tannins. Riedel’s crystal glass decanters are handcrafted and mouth blown in Kufstein, Austria. Each decanter is a unique piece and an absolute must-have for wine connoisseurs. Get the Goods has selected the finest and most unique decanters from Riedel which will not only enhance your wine drinking experience but will also be a talking point at any dinner party. Designed like sculptures, these decanters are a functional object of art that make for a unique gift for the wine connoisseur in your life.


Considered to be the best machine made varietal specific glass by top wine critics, the Riedel Veritas line is distinguished for its lightweight glass which combines the notion of hand-made with the consistency and accuracy only a machine made glass can achieve. A more affordable option to the Sommeliers line, the Veritas is suitable for long term daily use and is dishwasher safe. Veritas glasses are ideal for the passionate wine drinker who understands the complexities of the wine they are drinking and wants to showcase their fine wines in superior glassware. At Get the Goods, we stock the complete range of Veritas glasses so that even the most finicky wine drinker can find the right glass in Whistler.  If you are not sure where to start, we recommend the Veritas Cabernet / Merlot glass for red wines and the Veritas Viognier/Chardonnay glass for white.

Origin: Austria