Tegu magnetic blocks enable children to learn through play.  The company believes that “every child possesses the ability to build, create, and imagine. Tegu blocks are a canvas for their imagination.  No instruction manuals or electronics, just toys that inspire limitless creativity cross all ages.”


Blocks (cubes, planks, columns, candy bars, parallelograms, wheels, robot heads and many more) are designed to work together. Tegu blocks come in beautiful colors that are made of sustainably harvested Central American hardwoods which are safe, non-toxic and water resistant.


The founders of Tegu, Chris & Will Haughey, created a for-profit company based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras that fosters positive social impact by bringing world class business standards to Central America.  They pay their employees a living wage and prioritize long term career development rather than simple assembly line work.. They also harvest wood responsibly by working with local Honduran cooperatives that individually hand pick each mature tree.


Set examples: Classics (24 and 42 piece sets), Stunt Team (Daredevil 12 pieces, Jumper 25 pieces), On-The-Go (Original pocket pouch 8 pieces)

Origin: Central America, Honduras